Hanno Strydom | Cello Teacher | Twin Cities, MN

About MacPhail Center for Music in Minneapolis

Hanno Strydom joined the string faculty of the premier Twin Cities music school, MacPhail Center for Music, in September 2008. MacPhail offers students a combination of state-of-the-art teaching and performing facilities, and numerous student opportunities.

  • Founded in 1907, MacPhail is the nation's oldest and largest community music school
  • MacPhail is a non-profit organization
  • MacPhail serves more than 15,000 students
  • MacPhail students range in age from 6 weeks to 104 years
  • MacPhail has more than 130 partnership locations statewide
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When are lessons at MacPhail Center for Music?

Hanno currently teaches at MacPhail Center for Music in Minneapolis on Mondays and Saturdays. Contact Hanno if you are interested in joining his studio.

Enrollment at MacPhail Center for Music

Please contact Hanno if you are interested in enrolling. Registration for lessons is processed through MacPhail Student Services at 612 321 0100 or in person at any MacPhail location. If a suitable opening is available, new students may enroll at any time.

Antonello Hall, MacPhail Center for Music

Where is MacPhail Center for Music?

MacPhail Center for Music is a state-of-the art facility located in the Mill District of downtown Minneapolis, near the Guthrie Theater, Mill City Museum, and the Stone Arch Bridge. The address is 501 S 2nd Street, Minneapolis.

​How much do lessons cost at MacPhail Center for Music?

Click here for details about the cost of lessons at MacPhail.

Financial Aid at MacPhail Center for Music

Students interested in applying for financial aid can find details on the financial aid program page; inquiries about this should be directed to MacPhail Student Services at 612 321 0100.

Parking at MacPhail Center for Music

There are several parking ramps and a surface parking lot nearby which range in price from $4 on weekdays to $3 on weekends, as well as metered street parking which costs $1 an hour. Debit cards are available for MacPhail families, faculty and staff at the Student Services counter for the Portland Ave. Ramp (enter on Portland Ave) and the Depot Hotel parking (enter on 5th Ave). The cards can be purchased at Student Services in the amount of $35 and $65. There are four handicapped parking stalls available and ramps at curbs by all entrances and exits. There is also a drop off and pick up site on the east side of the building.

Click here for MacPhail parking services