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MacPhail Center for Music Student Opportunities

MacPhail students have access to a broad range of opportunities to perform, collaborate and compete, including department recitals, all school recitals, honors recitals, masterclasses, and an annual concerto competition. Click here to view a complete list of 2017–2018 MacPhail student opportunities

Click here for online recital sign-up. Students needing an accompanist will also need to submit an Accompanist Request Form to student services. Questions about MacPhail student performances should be directed to Jon Iverson, Student Performance Coordinator at or 612-767-5506.

Chamber Music at MacPhail

  • Ensembles are coached by MacPhail faculty members.
  • Tuition is $29 per hour per participant for ensembles of 3–5 players. Students taking 5+ hours of private lessons at MacPhail receive a 15% discount on chamber music tuition, bringing it down to $24.65 per hour. Most chamber ensembles are billed for 6–14 hours per semester, depending on how many sessions they schedule with their faculty coach.
  • Students are typically placed in groups based on a placement audition. There is no cost to apply or audition. For the audition students should prepare 1 selection of their choice (about 3–4 minutes) and 2 scales (1 major and 1 minor). Sight reading will also usually be part of the audition. In the past Hanno's students have been placed in chamber groups based solely on their studio recital performance videos.
  • Placements can be done anytime of the year. Students who apply by September 30th are the ones that are most likely to be successfully placed in an ensemble for fall semester. After September 30th, students may need to wait until spring semester (February 2018) to be placed in an ensemble.
  • Chamber music recitals are offered near the end of each semester.
  • Less advanced/beginner students who can play in at least a few keys and play simple duets with their instructors may be ready to participate in a chamber ensemble with other beginner students.
  • If you are interested in participating in a chamber group at MacPhail please complete this application form are return it to Jeremy Swider at

MacPhail Certificate Program

The MacPhail Certificate Program for Performance Achievement is an individualized guide, deepening student’s music education and motivating students toward a greater level of achievement. Upon completing the two-year program, students are awarded a certificate and portfolio documenting their accomplishments.
With the exception of the audition fee of $50, there are no additional fees beyond the regular tuition for lessons, classes, and ensembles.
The Certificate Program is a two-year, part-time program for students ages 14 through adult. Students audition to be accepted into the program. The program is open to students of any instrument or voice. Certificate Program students ‘hit the ground running’ and are required to already have performance experience and an established foundation in technique, theory, and musicianship.
Click here to visit the official MacPhail Certificate Program page.