Hanno Strydom | Cello Teacher | Twin Cities, MN

Student Expectations: Every Student Striving Toward their Potential

In an effort to help my students achieve the highest possible level in their work with me, I have developed a number of questions that I encourage each student (and for younger students, each parent) to reflect on on an ongoing basis. These are designed primarily as a tool for self-evaluation, and also serve as criteria that I keep in mind as I evaluate each student's work.

   - Does the quality of my work and my rate of progress reflect my full potential?
   - Do I show my commitment to the cello by practicing regularly?
   - Do I demonstrate a sincere interest in and curiosity about the cello?
   - Does my work always reflect my best and most sincere effort?
   - Do I attend all scheduled lessons?
   - Do I participate in studio recitals and other performance opportunities?
   - Do I participate in cello-related activities, attend concerts, etc, in addition to lessons?

It is my hope that by having each student reflect on these core expectations on an ongoing basis, and by keeping these criteria in mind as I work with each student, the quality and consistency of the work being done in my studio will continue to rise. Better progress naturally results in greater enjoyment and a sense of accomplishment, which in turn fuels motivation and further progress.