Hanno Strydom | Cello Teacher | Twin Cities, MN

What Students & Parents Say...

How much time do I have? Hanno is patient, respectful, encouraging, creative, provides positive reinforcement, helps me identify weak areas, and commends good work.

-MacPhail Student Satisfaction Survey 2017

He focuses on the fundamentals that are essential, but were overlooked by my child's previous teacher.

-MacPhail Student Satisfaction Survey 2017

Great lesson last night - very constructive and motivating for me - you are a very good teacher: you are very precise and correct in your advice and questions.
-Skype Student, Norway
Thanks for encouraging me to learn and grow in such a kind way.
- Adult Beginning Student
[Our daughter] is so happy that she made the choice [to join your studio]! She said she feels like she learns something at every lesson and the only regret is that she didn’t do it sooner. So, thanks for the effort you put into teaching her.
Just a quick note to tell you how much [our daughter] enjoyed her lesson with you yesterday. We talked most of the way home about it. She feels like what you were working on is exactly what she has been trying to work on, but hasn’t quite known how. She said, “I have always tried to figure out how people get that beautiful sound." ...she appreciates that you have high expectations, you focus on detail and are specific about how to achieve the things you’re asking her to do, you are willing to work hard with her on improving her technique... not simply jumping into new pieces, and you will take her as far as she wants to go given she also puts in a great deal of effort.
Thank you for all that you do for [our daughter] with your encouraging words and being a great role model. Her love for her cello is so enthusiastic and such a joy.
It has been quite exciting to witness the progress that [our son] has made since he began studying with you four months ago, and to see how inspired he is to continue his growth as a cellist...


Thanks again for your support in deepening [our son's] musical ease and ability.


I just want you to know how much you are appreciated by us.  You are a fabulous teacher and [my daughter] loves to play with you.


The quality and quantity of her practice time has increased dramatically. It is fun to see her motivated and trying to perfect those things she has been trying to work on for so long. I think sometimes it’s frustrating because, as you know, old habits die hard, but she is really working hard at it and seems to be enjoying it too. Thanks for the energy you put into teaching her. Know that she feels she is learning so much from you.


Thank you for the lovely recital last week. We greatly appreciate your thoughtful teaching. [Our daughter] has had a big jump in her learning this fall.


Thanks for all you do.  [My son] really likes the lessons...


Thank you for all that you have done for [our daughter] this year.  It is so fun to see her progress and most importantly, her love for playing continues.  She enjoys you very much and takes all of your teaching to heart.


[Our son] really enjoyed his lesson with you yesterday. He's excited about playing the concerto you gave him.


Hanno, Your kind patience and gentle, thoughtful instruction have fed my desire to make beautiful music come from my cello. Thank you for using your gifts and talents in such a powerful way.


Hanno, Thank you! You gave us so much in such a short time. The students I have talked to found it extremely valuable. The website is an awesome resource. I hope I can send some students your way for lessons!
–Twin Cities Area High School Orchestra Director


[Our son] so loves working with you. He says he learns so much and is growing in leaps and bounds.


I truly thank you for your organizational skill set and your professionalism. I referred to both when recommending you.  You really have a knack for tracking and running your own business... it really impresses me!  [My son] is looking forward to working with you again this year.


Thank you Hanno for all you've done for [my daughter] and her playing. I know she would highly recommend you to any other student.


...[our daughter] is really enjoying you as a teacher.


Thank you for yet another wonderful [student recital] performance! It's so beautiful to witness the diversity of students—and, how clearly you have rubbed off on each of them :) Thank you, thank you, thank you for continuing to passionately, patiently and tenderly share your gift of teaching with so many!


[Our son] is loving working with you!


Thank you for the excellent instruction you have provided [my son].


Just a small token of our thanks for all you do with the program and [our daughter] — we really value all the time and energy you put into her.  Getting to listen to a steadily improving cellist at home is a wonderful side effect, too.