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Bow Contact Point

Steven Doane, Professor of Cello at the Eastman School of Music, discusses the contact point—the point at which the bow makes contact with the string.

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A Lesson with Leonard Rose

Leonard Rose was arguably the greatest cello teacher of the last century. In this excellent video he discusses many fundamental aspects of cello playing. As the original video is quite long and rather poorly edited, Hanno has organized it into sections by topic in this Evernote note, to help studen…

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David Finckel on Comfort at the Tip

In these two videos David Finckel, cellist of the Emerson Quartet, discusses how to achieve comfort and power at the tip of the bow, and demonstrates a very effective exercise to trick yourself into feeling that the bow is shorter than it actually is!

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Paul Katz on Relaxation and Power

Paul Katz, professor of cello at the New England Conservatory, explains the relationship between power and relaxation.

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Lynn Harrell on Sitting Posture

The great American soloist, Lynn Harrel, discusses and demonstrates the enormous impact sitting position has on power and sound production.

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Paul Katz on Sound Production

Paul Katz, professor of cello at the New England Conservatory, gives an excellent lesson on making a strong, rich tone by using relaxed weight.

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